Hiring Realtor in Fargo to sell your home? All you need to know about a listing agent

Hiring Realtor in Fargo to sell your home? All you need to know about a listing agent

Listing your home is the first step you will take after deciding to sell it. Many home sellers are hiring a realtor in Fargo to sell your home and take care of this important obligation. A real estate agent who lists your home for sale is called a ‘listing agent’. Many agents specialize in this particular aspect of the home selling process. They exclusively represent sellers. An agent who specializes in representing buyers is usually referred to as a ‘buyer’s agent’.

The most common question home sellers ask is – Will a listing agent only list the property or promote it through the area’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS)? Well, the answer is – no. A good listing agent will help you get through the entire home selling process, and that’s why they are also called ‘sellers’ agents’.

What to expect from a listing agent?

Following are the tasks a listing agent will perform on your behalf:

  • Your agent will come up with a listing (asking) price. He or she will conduct a study of homes of similar size, location and condition sold in the recent past. Based on the data collected from this study, he or she will perform a comparative market analysis (CMA). If your agent is a neighborhood expert, he or she will have this data at fingertips. The CMA will help the agent determine the listing price.
  • The agent will highlight the most attractive features of the home in the listing and promote it online as well as through offline marketing channels.
  • The agent will help you prepare the home for sale. He or she will recommend a photographer and stager and help you stage it before hosting an open house (if you want to). He or she will prepare marketing collateral.
  • The agent will coordinate with the buyer’s agent. Answer their questions. Help you negotiate with them. Evaluate the offer and sales contract.
  • The agent will help you get through the closing.

You need to sign an agreement

While these are the standard responsibilities that a listing agent will handle, you need to make sure that there are no communication gaps about what you expect from the agent.

The best way to avoid disputes is to be upfront and have everything in writing. Make your agreement with the agent as detailed as possible, covering the entire score of services.

There are different types of listing agreements that you can sign with an agent. It could be a non-exclusive agreement, exclusive agency agreement or exclusive right-to-sell agreement.

Disputes rear their ugly head when there is a communication gap. Regularly communicate with your agent through email or phone and stay updated with what he or she is doing to sell your home.

In conclusion

You can sell on your own and save six percent of the purchase price that you pay as a commission, but there is no denying the fact that a realtor in Fargo will make the otherwise complex process a lot easier. It’s very important to make sure that you hire the right type of agent. Your agent should be an expert in helping people buy and sell properties particularly in your neighborhood.

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