DON’T Sell Your House with a Realtor in Fargo, ND…

Posted by Rebecca Johnson // March 13, 2023 // Blog / Featured

Don't sell your house with a realtor in Fargo

Are you going to sell your house in Fargo?  If you’re thinking about selling your house, everyone will tell you the same thing: be sure to get a good realtor. They take care of staging open houses, fielding offers, and marketing the property. Your friends and family might even recommend a realtor who helped them […]

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How Do Real Estate Investors Make Money?

Posted by Kerry Johnson // March 6, 2023 // Blog / Featured

Real Estate investor in Fargo

How do real estate investors make money? At Autopilot Properties, we buy distressed property in Fargo, fix it up, and sell it for a profit (or, hopefully, at worst, we break even). Before working with us, you may want an example of exactly how our business works, and how all parties can benefit through a […]

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Selling Your Distressed Property in Fargo…

Posted by Rebecca Johnson // February 27, 2023 // Blog / Featured

Selling Distressed Property in Fargo: How to make the most

Selling your distressed property in Fargo? Here’s what you need to know. In the past, we’ve talked about instances when you shouldn’t sell your distressed property. Distressed property buyers all around Fargo will pop up and tell you why it’s such a great idea to sell your property to them, right now, without exploring your […]

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How Do I Sell My House Without an Agent in Fargo?

Posted by Kerry Johnson // February 20, 2023 // Blog / Featured

Sell House Without a Realtor

If you’ve been following this blog, in the past few weeks, we broke down why realtors — on average — charge too much for their services. When you work with a listing agent, in order to just break even, that agent needs to increase the value of the property by at least 3% (their cut). […]

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What Happens at a Foreclosure Auction in Fargo?

Posted by Rebecca Johnson // February 13, 2023 // Blog / Featured

Foreclosure Auction

What happens at a foreclosure auction in Fargo, ND? And how much time do you have before that happens? We’ve explained the exact steps of the foreclosure process in a previous article, but we’ll review it right now to give you a quick summary: Delinquency on your mortgage payments for 3-6 months. The bank sends […]

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When SHOULDN’T You Sell Your Distressed Property in Fargo?

Posted by Kerry Johnson // February 6, 2023 // Blog / Featured

Repairing Distressed Property

When shouldn’t you sell your distressed property in Fargo (or anywhere)? Here at Autopilot Properties, we buy distressed property in Fargo, fix them up, and sell them (or rent them out). Naturally, if you’re an owner of one of those distressed properties, we want to convince you why it’s a good idea to sell to […]

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Realtor or For Sale By Owner? Pros and Cons

Posted by Rebecca Johnson // January 30, 2023 // Blog / Featured

Realtor or for sale by owner (FSBO)? Pros and Cons When it comes to selling your home, you have conflicting values that weigh against each other. Those conflicting values can make it hard to decide if you should go with a realtor or sell your house yourself. On the one hand, you might think you […]

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Should You Use a Home Value Estimator in Fargo?

Posted by Kerry Johnson // January 23, 2023 // Blog / Featured

Home Value Estimator: Should You Use Them?

Thinking about using a home value estimator in Fargo to help you with your listing price? How accurate are home value estimators? Are you selling a distressed property in Fargo and you aren’t quite sure what the price should be? Here’s why you should contact us to let us help you. Home value estimators from […]

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Bad Credit? 5 Tips to Increase Credit Score (Do #1 Today!)

Posted by Rebecca Johnson // January 16, 2023 // Blog / Featured

Bad Credit?

Bad credit in Fargo (or anywhere)? Looking to buy a house? Here are 5 tips to increase your credit score. Fargo, ND has an unemployment rate roughly half of that of the national average. North Dakota in particular has the 5th best average credit score ranking in the US. If you have bad credit in […]

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Why NOW is the Best Time to Sell in Fargo, ND…

Posted by Kerry Johnson // January 2, 2023 // Blog / Featured

Why NOW is the best time to sell in Fargo...

Why NOW is the Best Time to Sell in Fargo, ND… If you’ve been considering selling your home and you live in Fargo, ND, we’ll explain to you why now is the best possible time (with a caveat at the end). You might think it’s nearly impossible to sell your house during a pandemic, but […]

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Notice of Default in Fargo? Read This…

Posted by Rebecca Johnson // December 26, 2022 // Blog / Featured

Notice of Default

Did you get a notice of default in Fargo, ND? What does it mean and what should you do? Is it real? How do you know? Are you going to be evicted? And, if so, how much time do you have? How does the pandemic affect all of this? First off, don’t worry and don’t […]

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Foreclosure Process Explained

Posted by Kerry Johnson // December 19, 2022 // Blog / Featured

Foreclosure Process Explained

What are all the steps of the foreclosure process? How does foreclosure work? If your income has taken a hit in the past few months, you might be falling behind on your bills. In that case, you’re not alone. Before the bank forecloses on your home, make sure you know how it works — or […]

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Before You Sell Your House Fast in Fargo…

Posted by Rebecca Johnson // December 12, 2022 // Blog / Featured

Sell House Fast Fargo, ND

Maybe you typed in “sell house fast,” on Google. Now you’re looking for options. Or maybe you’re just looking for tips on getting rid of your property as soon as possible. We get it. According to government census data, over 20% of renters are behind on their payments — sometimes up to $5k. It makes […]

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Fargo Real Estate Market Analysis

Posted by Kerry Johnson // December 5, 2022 // Blog / Featured

Fargo Real Estate Market Analysis

Should you buy a house in Fargo, ND? In this article, we’re going to give you a Fargo real estate market analysis — because that’s where we do most of our business. In order to understand the local real estate market, though, you need to understand some larger factors affecting the national real estate market. […]

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A Short Guide to Short Sales: FAQs, Answered

Posted by Rebecca Johnson // November 28, 2022 // Blog / Featured

What are short sales and how do they work? In this article, we’re going to be looking into a popular method of avoiding foreclosure: short sales. We’ll talk about exactly what short sales are, how they benefit both the buyer and the seller, and we’ll even discuss the drawbacks. Finally, we’ll show you how to […]

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