Listing your home as FSBO Fargo? How to use social media to sell quickly

Listing your home as FSBO Fargo? How to use social media to sell quickly

When listing their homes as FSBO, Fargo sellers are usually not very confident about whether they will be able to launch an effective sales and marketing campaign to sell quickly and for the highest amount. Real estate agents are well versed in marketing and know the tricks of the trade.

But the fact that you are not a professional marketer should not dissuade you from listing your home as FSBO in Fargo. In fact, so many online marketing channels are available at your disposal. In this day and age, you will find it extremely easy to promote your home to prospective buyers. Almost 90 percent of buyers start their search for a home online, according to the National Association of Realtors.

When it comes to online marketing, social media should be at the forefront of your promotional strategy. It is the cheapest and most effective way to reach prospective buyers through your sphere of influence.

Social Media Tools for FSBO Fargo Sales

Each social media channel is different in the way you should use it for marketing. Here are some common considerations:

  • Visuals are going to be the most important part of a social media post, irrespective of the platform – be it Facebook or Instagram. Make sure that you use high quality photographs and videos for social media promotion.
  • Never spam your friends and family members with your promotional posts. Come up with a schedule for posting promotional content and stick to it. Almost all social media channels offer an analytics service that can help you to determine what time of the day your friends or followers are the most active.
  • Be responsive when you receive a comment or message. When people have questions about your home, try to respond as quickly as possible.

Facebook & Instagram

The great thing about Facebook is that it doesn’t impose any limit on number of words or images you can use for your marketing post. But it is important to ensure that your post is not too long and doesn’t bore your audience with unnecessary details. Write a great home listing description. You can write a description for each of the most attractive features of your home and run different posts at different times of the day.

Two other features that are most popular on Facebook are Events and Album. If you are organizing an open house, you can promote the open house schedule through Facebook Events. You can create a Facebook Album of photos highlighting the most desirable features of your home.

Advertising on Facebook is very cost-effective if you know how to target people based on their interests and demographics.

Instagram is specifically for promoting images.

FSBO Fargo: Social Media marketing tips


Twitter is a great platform to promote the webpages on other websites that list your home. If you have listed your home on a free property listing website, you can include the url in the brief description of your home’s most attractive features. The word count should not exceed more than 140 characters. Use appropriate hashtags. Tweet to the area’s real estate professionals from time to time, so that they know your home is on the market.

Conclusion: Listing your home as a FSBO Fargo? Top Social Media Tools

Social media can help you spread the word about your offer and the most attractive features of your home. Make sure that you create a powerful and customized home listing that suits the particular social media platforms you are planning to promote it on.

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